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Sealed Mindset Training's
Defensive Firearms Classes


Come join the SMT Team for weekly handgun training!
"Any advanced tactic is DEPENDENT upon the mastery of the fundamentals." US Navy SEAL Larry Yatch, founder of Sealed Mindset Training
Sealed Mindset Training's revolutionary defensive handgun program will give you the confidence you need to carry your defensive handgun anywhere. From the foundation to advanced tactical application,
Sealed Mindset is ready to take you to the next level!
SMT's  training is done in a mixed-level format. This means that in the Foundations Class, the student will be continuously exposed to Level 1, & 2 curriculum, as seen in Sealed Mindset's successful video series,
The Concealed Carry Master's Course!
All sessions will be focused upon the mastery of the fundamentals.
The Advanced Class is for Sealed Mindset students who are qualified for Level 3, 4, 5, or Warrior Mindset only.
Additional Information:
  • Each session will include dry fire training drills to improve your skill and capability with the handgun. It will also include a portion of either Live Fire or full simulated scenario.
  • Purchasing a copy of Concealed Carry Master's Course WILL HELP YOU to advance more quickly through this training.
  • Each session is limited to 10 people.
  • SIRTs and resetting trigger GLOCKs will be used in the dry fire portion of the training.
  • All ammunition and SIM ammo must be purchased by the student prior to the start of the session. We recommend between 50 and 100 rounds per session. No steel cased ammo is permitted.
  • Regular practice is necessary to improve your firearms capability, and homework will be given following each session consistent with the level of each student. This will help you develop the Neural Pathways required to defend yourself in a violent encounter.
  • Advancing through training levels is done via testing, and BY INVITATION ONLY. No requests for testing will be entertained.

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In this class you will be working with firearms. These tools are inherently dangerous and can cause serious injury or death if misused. 
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